by Special AI is a turnkey, fully managed, 4G wireless internet service for machine-to-machine (M2M) and remote-access applications.  We understand that a reliable, secure, flexible network is critical to your success – even though it’s not your core business.

Unlike traditional ISPs, Special AI can have your site on line in a matter or days, regardless of the environment.  From boiler rooms to utility poles, if you can provide power, we can provide broadband internet access to suit your application.

Solution Highlights

The goal of is to eliminate network concerns so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • Expert provisioning, installation & turn-up
  • Robust business-grade hardware package
  • Blazing fast 4G internet access with 3G backup
  • Network & application monitoring and alerts
  • Managed security
  • Managed DNS
  • Proactive support

Example Applications is an ideal internet access solution for these and many other applications:

  • Building Automation / Information / Management systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Access control & security systems
  • Video surveillance & analytics
  • Virtual Doorman
  • Wi-Fi for Construction Sites
  • IT Remote Monitoring & Control